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Civil, Protestant, Catholic, and symbolic marriages are all available in the unique setting of the Wieliczka Salt Mine. We welcome you to get acquainted with our package before contacting us by e-mail or phone.

  • Registration town hall fee for wedding ceremony
  • Menu tasting for couple (when booking for party)
  • An English-speaking wedding consultant’s assistance with gathering all necessary documents
  • Translation of documents necessary to be able to be joined in marriage from English to Polish (if any of the parties had been divorced, an extra fee of €80 for each document shall be payable)
  • Interpretation during a meeting at the Registry Office / church authorities office (between 91 and 30 days before the wedding date)
  • Check with local officials / church authorities for the documents’ correctness
  • Reservation of the wedding ceremony and reception date
  • A pre-wedding meeting, when detailed tenor of the wedding day and reception is discussed and mapped out (the meeting can be held in Kraków or Wieliczka)
  • Consultation and booking of photographer and decoration/floral services (prices for services of suppliers paid extra according their pricing). Other suppliers services and consultations for an extra charge.
  • Provision of witnesses – if necessary
  • Coordination of services booked via 5 Events wedding planner ( we consult and hire only legally operating cooperators)
  • Certificate of Marriage and sending to Client’s address ( Clients need to agree to receive documents by Wedding planner in the name of Clients. We issue paper document you will sign)

Package pricing includes

  • telephone, e-mail, or online consultations, allowing the necessary arrangements to be made
  • a pre-wedding meeting, when detailed tenor of the wedding day and reception is discussed and mapped out (the meeting can be held in Kraków or Wieliczka)
  • wedding day coordination by a 5 Events consultant; presence of the consultant at the wedding reception until 00:30

Additional services (extra charge)

  • each subsequent hour’s coordinator’s presence (after 00:30)

Package pricing includes

  • wedding consultant’s assistance with gathering all necessary documents
  • translation, from English into Polish, of basic documents necessary for the wedding (marital status: single)
  • documents verification with local civil and/or church authorities
  • providing witnesses, if required
  • an official charge for issuing a marriage certificate

Mandatory fees (extra charge)

  • if either party is divorced, an extra documents’ translation charge of €80 per document is due

Package pricing includes

  • registration fees for wedding ceremony at the Wieliczka Salt Mine

Mandatory fees payable locally (extra charge)

  • obligatory official fee for a wedding outside the town hall: 1000 PLN
  • church fees and a donation for the priest officiating the wedding (if applicable)

Package pricing includes

  • interpretation during the ceremony (by a sworn translator of English)
  • interpretation at a meeting with the official in the registry office and/or religious authorities (between 91 and 30 days before the wedding date)

Package pricing includes

  • consultations helping to choose the best ceremony and reception’s location
  • ceremony and reception venue reservation
  • consultations and styling of the ceremony and reception venue
  • consultations and booking of extra service providers* in the fields of: photography, video, floristics, decorations, including stationery, possible rental of furniture, lighting, musical setting, confectionery, accommodation for the Bride and Groom, make-up, wedding hairstyle styling, and additional attractions

Mandatory payments (extra charge)

  • chambers renting (according to the price list)
  • menu and open bar (according to the price list)

Additional services (extra charge)

  • payments for selected additional services, in accordance with the service provider’s price list


* we advise and book only subcontractors that operate lawfully and have the necessary permits




The pricing above are valid for 2023. However, if you secure your wedding date for 2024 now, we will guarantee the price shown above, notwithstanding the possibility of price increases in 2024.

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