in the
Salt Mine


The Wieliczka Salt Mine is a pearl amongst the most beautiful sites in Poland. Situated only 12 km from the famous Old Market Square in Kraków, it is a must-visit place on the tourists’ map from all over the world.

The Mine’s perfect location is also distinctive – it is situated only 26 km from the Kraków-Balice international airport. Wieliczka boasts extensive accommodation facilities, with Grand Sal Hotel, just a few steps away from the mine itself, topping the list.

The Salt Mine is an exceptional venue for your dream wedding. There are 7 chambers here, ideal to hold
a civil or Protestant wedding ceremony, and throw a lavish wedding reception. In two chapels it is also possible to organise a Catholic Church wedding.

Almost everything inside the chambers is salt and wooden made. Since 1978 the Salt Mine features on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List.

Chambers, where a civil / Protestant wedding
ceremony and reception could be ogranised

Michałowice Chamber

located 109 metres underground, with intricate design of huge timber, creates breathtaking space. It is a chamber most often chosen by newly married couples. It is one of those places which stay in your memory for long.

Price of hire: 1200 PLN per 1 hour (+VAT)

Haluszka Chamber

is excluded from tourist flow, and is a prefect spot for a wedding reception for up to 100 guests.

Price of hire: up to 2 hours: 2500 PLN (+VAT).
Each subsequent hour: 1000 PLN (+VAT)

The Chapel of St. Kinga

the most magnificent creation at the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Crystal chandeliers, intricately carved floor, breathtaking bas-reliefs and altars guarantee unforgettable artistic experience. A wedding at the Chapel of St. Kinga will stay in the Happy Couple and their guests’ memory long after it’s over.

Price of hire:

1 hour, with reception in the mine – 2600 PLN (+VAT)
1 hour, without reception in the mine – 5200 PLN (+VAT)

Other Chambers

Drozdowice Chamber – located 110 metres underground. It owes its unique character to the impressive design of white timber logs combined with a dark shade of the salt walls. Due to the chamber’s spaciousness it is a perfect venue for banquets and functions attended by large numbers of guests.

Price of hire: up to 2 hour 1800 PLN (+VAT)

Warszawa Chamber – an impressive chamber being a great combination of nature and architecture. Ideal for large wedding receptions for up to 300 guests.

Price of hire:
Up to 2 hours wedding reception (up to 250 guests): 4800 PLN
Each subsequent hour: 1800 PLN (+VAT)
up to 2 hours wedding reception 
(more than to 250 guests): 6600 PLN (+VAT)

Haluszka II Chamber – is the smallest of the chambers where we organise wedding receptions. It is ideal for private receptions in the inner circle of closest family.

Price of hire: Up to 2 hours: 1300 PLN (+VAT)
Each subsequent hour: 600 PLN (+VAT)

The Chapel of St. John – a tiny shrine with beautiful, wooden decorations. It is ideal for an intimate wedding for up to 40 guests.

Price of hire: 1 hour – 1200 PLN (+VAT)

Wedding package by 5 Events

Registration fees for wedding ceremony at the Wieliczka Salt Mine
An English-speaking wedding consultant’s assistance with gathering all necessary documents
Translation of documents necessary to be able to be joined in marriage from English to
Polish (if any of the parties had been divorced, an extra fee of €80 for each document shall be payable)
Interpretation during the ceremony (by a sworn translator of English)
Interpretation during a meeting at the Registry Office / church authorities office (between 91 and 30 days before the wedding date)
Check with local officials / church authorities for the documents’ correctness
Reservation of the wedding ceremony and reception date
A pre-wedding meeting, when detailed tenor of the wedding day and reception is discussed and mapped out (the meeting can be held in Kraków or Wieliczka)
Provision of witnesses – if necessary
Certificate of Marriage

Price: 4000 PLN

+ Obligatory fees : 1000 PLN
A fee for the appearance of Registrar of Marriages / Priest at the place of ceremony

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